Battle Ready Evo IX| Rey Belleza | Texas

For a while now I have been on the hunt for legit, well put together cars in our small town of Killeen, TX. Finally after attending  a local car show I bumped into this 2006 Evo IX owned by Rey Belleza and just had to put it out as a feature for everyone else to see. At a glance you really can’t tell to much about it but once you get up close and personal and start looking around at parts and how everything was done then it is really a build to appreciate.

After a few months in contact with Rey, we finally agreed to snap a few shots of the car and let us go ahead with the feature. I personally wouldn’t have brought the car out due to the shitty weather but Rey is a tropper and still brought it out. Our first attempt was pretty harsh due to rain and temperatures in between 20* & 30* degrees, wind didn’t make it any better. We ended up getting a few shots and decided to call it a day and go for round 2 a few days later as long as the weather got better.

First time I seen the car it was sitting on some 57 Extreme velvet blue Ray’s Gramlight. Like many of us, Rey likes wheels and owns quite a few sets.  Day of the shoot he shows up with a set of 18×9.5 +22 Dr57 Ray’s Gramlights , really setting off the car nicely. Really didn’t matter what wheels the car had as it still looked great.

To add to the wheel set up he ran a nice set of Fortune 510 series coilovers and Cusco Braces to stiffen up the ride.

Setting off the front of the car was an AMS intercooler and Cusco front mount power brace covered by a legit Voltex from Bumper paired with a set of Voltex Canards & Seibon Carbon Fiber Fenders & Hood.

The rest f the car was just as impressive as the front. Touched the side up with Chargespeed side skirt extension & Cusco rear window ventilation panels, set the back off with a Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk with a 1430mm Euro EDT Varis wing & Evo IX JDM Tail lights. Also slapped on a Jdm Evo 9 bumper with a Varis diffuser for the finishing touch.

Interior was pretty much just as clean as the outside just a tad more simpler. A few added accessories and safety features such as a Carbon Fiber Varis Shift Knob, Carbon Fiber center console & arm rest. For safety a set of Sparco harnesses linked to a NRG harness bar.

Can’t forget the AEM tru boost controller &
Aem wideband air fuel gauges to monitor all vital signs.

Even though Tomei products pretty much took over this Evos engine bay, Rey had a few other legit companies he brought into the mix to put this motor together. Companies such as AMS with their FMIC, Lower/Upper piping and fuel rail. AEM fuel pressure regulator, HKS Reloaded Racing Suction intake & Exhaust, Invidia o2 housing, High flow cat & Down pipe, Tomei arms M7960 Turbine Kit 4G63,Mishimoto radiator, 272 Kelford Cams, Supertech Valve Springs, 850cc Injectors, 255l Fuel Pump, stage 2 clutch and a bunch of other parts to add to the mix. Evo was tuned by the guys over at Evo Dynamics who kept the power at a safe 405WHP keeping it safe for Rey as his daily.

Overall this is a clean and amazing car, we @ appreciate and thank Rey for letting us feature it and most important a huge thanks to him and his family for serving our country.

Keep it Clean Brother!
– Merv

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