A day for S1 Built (Sone Sengthong).

 A few days ago we were allowed to take part in a Private meet & birthday for one of the most humble gentleman and friend we have ever had the pleasure of meeting here in the local automotive scene. Wish I could fully elaborate in order to make full sense of what is going on, just know that life tends to throw us a curve ball at times. All we can do is keep an eye on the ball, swing and hope we don’t miss… Lets just say the Sengthong Family is going through a rough patch and we all have their backs and will help them through it as a community.

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Shop talk: S1 Built

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we here at iStayclean posted anything new on our site. Well expect some more upcoming posts in the near future. Today we are here to talk about a small shop I visited in Clearwater, Florida. The name of the shop is S1 Built. Ever since I moved to the central Florida area, I have seen S1 Built cars pop up at Car meets and shows. I’ve met the owner a couple times but never really had the chance to have a full conversation and learn more about the shop he owns. Well I must say after visiting and have our car history talk..Sone Sengthong the owner of S1Built is a true enthusiast when it comes to cars and has a passion for the 90s era cars. Sone started S1 back in California in the early 1990s, then moved to Florida where S1Built opened up in 2010. Sone does 90% of the work in house at S1 built and whatever extra work that needs to be taken care of he sources out only the best for his customers. Having been in the Military for 17 years, Sone has plenty of integrity and honor in his own work. If you ever look at his work you can clearly see the passion he has for what he does in life. While visiting I had the opportunity to shoot 2 of the cars that I’ve been wanting to take photos of for a while. I hope you enjoy them.

Here we have Sone’s R32 GTR. If you know S1 Built then you might have seen the white S2000 Sone had built previously. Well he had the opportunity to trade it for a R32 GTR and that’s exactly what he did. Once in his possesion, he ironed out the small kinks with the RB26 and then added his own twist to the car. Painting it in a very military tone green, Custom diamond stitched interior and a small touch the Valve Cover of the RB itself. Talking to Sone about the R32 and why he traded the white s2000, it was just a perfect opportunity for him to play around with an unknown chassis to himself that he can experiment with and see what he has been missing out on. He came to the conclusion he simply has more passion for the Honda 90s era rather than the Japanese 90s era exotics. So don’t be surprised if you see it pop up for sale or trade.

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European Drifter: Matt Campling

 We reached out and connected with European Drifter, Matt Campling. Matt just recently joined our friends over at Grams Performance under sponsorship and has been kicking ass so far this season. So we decided to get to know who is the guy with the monster Miata wreaking havock over in the European drift scene. This is what we learned. Enjoy! DSC_4346

  • iStayclean: When did you become interested in the drifting community?

    Matt Campling: I became interested in drifting around early 2000’s. Can’t remember the exact year, but it was when the Driftworks guys were competing at a generic car show I attended at Silverstone that caught my attention. Safe to say from that day forward this was always going to happen.
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The Race Pit: OG Racing

Our goal from the beginning has always been to educate the car community. Specifically the younger and up coming generation. The ones always being mislead by people who have zero experience or any credentials on what they are giving advice about on certain topics. So we are starting a new segment for our blog posts. We will try and have one interview a month with either a company or a well known individual in the industry. Exposing nothing but the cold hard truth and facts! No longer will you have to assume anything anymore!


We are holding this interview with none other then Johnny “C” Cichowski. Here is a little bit about the man and why we thought he would be a perfect candidate for this interview. Continue reading

The Automotive”Enthusiast”

The term automotive enthusiast has been thrown around in your local Facebook groups/pages/blogs for quite some time now…but how many are actual legit automotive enthusiasts? Do any of you even know what the term means? I would say about 80% of the shit I see online is nothing but people looking to follow the next trend that will get them recognized in the spotlight. People arguing with other people about what company is better than the other when they themselves have zero knowledge of either companies. The only information they know is what (Jose from down the street) told them. Which is the same guy that says I’ve had 90+ Hondas so he thinks he knows what he is talking about. I’m here to inform you that this person does not. Owning a number of Hondas proves nothing. Ask him how many has he actually built 100% to the fullest with legit parts. Most likely he won’t even be able to mention one…and if he does I can almost guarantee you it’s nothing but a non-vtec swap with Rotas and BWR coilovers. My point here is be careful who you go to for advice. Especially if you’re a young enthusiast that doesn’t know much but is willing to learn. Make sure you learn from people who actually have credentials to back up with what they say. Learn from the true Enthusiast. The one who supports the companies that have paved the way from the beginning. The Enthusiast who has actually built or is currently still building and changing their current project as time goes by for the past 10+ years. People who contributed in positive ways to the true car scene.

There are many different types of “enthusiasts” the one looking to create a moving piece of art work that he/she has envisioned in their mind for sometime and is finally taking action. The one looking to make the next big purchase to gain popularity and try to gain some spotlight. Then you have my personal favorite, the one that is praises one brand of car and thinks all others are pure shit. I wouldn’t call that individual a true car enthusiast. A true car enthusiast appreciates and respects all aspects of automotive. Somethings may not be to your liking..which is totally normal. Just don’t go around bashing peoples vision and creativity.

So many claim to be apart of the “lifestyle”.  Apart of that Racecar “life”  yet does nothing what a true enthusiast does on a daily basis. Don’t claim to be apart of anything if you don’t do anything in that particular lifestyle. Just shows how much a poser you really are to us.  Just simply be yourself, stop pretending to be someone your not. If you want to be apart of certain lifestyle whether it is the life of a true automotive enthusiast, skateboarder, bmx rider, or just being a fucking hipster I don’t care what it may be. Just do it truthfully and fucking correct.  “End of Rant”. Stay clean everyone!

The Spot a.k.a THE WASH


In the car community no matter where you live, there is always “The Spot”. “The Spot” is where all car enthusiasts come together to either hang out and talk cars or to get ready for a roll out to a major car event. When it comes to Fort Hood/Killen, Texas. “The Spot” was a car wash on the corner of Rancier and Patton. This spot was different than others, incredible simply because the amount of people that have connected with each other through cars at this location. There were people from just about every state in the US, all the way to Korea, Germany and who knows where else, all who have memories at THE SPOT. There isn’t many places like this at all simply because it’s down the street from the largest US Military post. People from all over that are into cars and that have been stationed there have experienced THE SPOT in one way or another. The amount of stories would be endless! -Gonzo Continue reading

iStayclean: Our next phase.

  If you have been with us from the very beginning, then I am sure you have the noticed the small changes we’ve made along the way. Everything from our second website design to our new Ruckus feature section and the Blog section, which is where we speak freely about what is going on as of late aside from events and features. Well you can expect some more changes to come for iStayclean for the better. Everything from my editing style of photos, because I am always trying to improve upon my own skills as a photographer, to giving everyone a more wide range of vehicles. We’ve also dabbed into the world of incredible motorcycle builds which we’ve had the pleasure to photograph and give to you. Furthermore,we are also looking into redesigning our site for a more stream lined look and ease of use for the readers.70s Benz and Honda BikeWe are a small staff consisting of 3 people, with the help of our few friends that help out when they are available. We are driven by passion and not greed, which I feel is something that will separate us from the rest in our community.
70s HondaSadly, the car season is coming to an end and I must say the experiences I’ve had traveling  this season to different states for coverage and features has been something incredible. Simply because (excuse my language) I FUCKING LOVE THIS! I love being around individuals who are just as passionate about building their dream car with the vision of simplicity as the main goal.72 BenzI hope you all continue to follow us on our journey to everything that is “iStayclean”. We will continue to improve upon whatever we see that needs improvements. If you as a supporter see anything that you think we should improve on feel free to email us staff@istayclean.com. Remember to Stay clean!

Enthusiasts In Motion.

  Our community is full of different people, some that are in it for all the wrong reasons and then the ones that are in it for all the right reasons.  When you meet someone that is a true enthusiast, and I know you may have heard me say this before, but it’s something that is so great. It’s like meeting someone you have known forever but you just met. The two individuals just click simply because they are passionate about the same thing that brought them together. So far this summer I have met some really great people but this past weekend proved to me that there is still plenty more  of great people in our community that I have yet to meet still. Which makes doing what I do that much more enjoyable.

Once your done reading this post you will soon find out what I’m talking about, but lets get to the details. Last month I planned on attending the IN-Motion event for coverage, but my cousin convinced me to put my car on the track to see how well it does. I’ve been wanting to participate in a circuit event for a very long time and now was my chance. I felt my car was reliable enough and since my suspension is almost brand new, why not right? So We decided to leave Friday and turn it into a weekend vacation. We figured it would be best to spend the 3 days in the area instead of traveling 3 hours the day of the event and then beat on our cars all in the same day.  Let’s get the photos that were taken through out this epic weekend.
14612398241_970660dd8e_b 14592596666_a18da4da52_bThe first thing we did once we settled in our hotel room was to look for a car wash to clean off all the dead bugs we killed during our 3 hour trip haha. We stay clean all the time.
14613532994_f7f83727fb_b14615609245_da41fe5942_bProbably the only time you won’t find me behind the camera is when I’m cleaning my own car haha. Thanks to Rufino for capturing the moment.
14615081862_f46b3a3089_b 14613531454_3f7a1d35ca_b 14428953480_260efa5139_bThere was a Honda dealership across the street and we noticed they had the new Si on display. It looks better in person.

14420560290_53e3533778_bWe drove around the local town for a bit looking for some nice locations to snap some photos. There wasn’t much to do and we didn’t want to travel too far either to find something to entertain us until the next day. We came across this nice quite road and decided to take over the road for a bit.
14603950041_7aef3085c5_bWe came across an abandon gas station. Check out the gas prices back then! 
14584187966_6f692eb776_b14584186716_7701ce3a4c_bHas to be the best front end setup I’ve seen on a ej6. 14420554720_ef2db09938_bThis was towards the end of the day before we headed back to the hotel and get some rest for the next day. A day that we would visit a good friend of mine Carlos. I’ve followed his build for sometime now and got to see it in person during the Fresh Meet Summer Bash.  Carlos had contacted me and invited us to visit him while we were staying in the area. So the next day we had hit the road to go visit him. Little did I know he would treat us like family during our entire time there. 14606760784_b688404e4b_bThe amount of love and passion can be seen through this entire build. Seeing a build like this would have people say “oh the owner is probably one cocky guy because he knows how clean and well built his car is”.  This is not the case. The owner “Carlos” has to be one of the most humble person I have ever met. When I say he treated us like family, I really mean it. Him and his wife cooked dinner for us as if we were distant relatives coming to visit.
14607068824_e76ac87e17_bThis kind of quality of a build is rare to find in the northeast. It’s a west coast build, but built by an east coast enthusiast.14629133113_07104758a7_bSpoon front lip looking so clean and fresh.14609097075_0ba622ac2c_bThe 16 inch Barramundi wheels look perfect.
14607064394_94c8b30ccb_bStatus seats fit for a king with the rear seats wrapped in the same fabric as well. 14422459250_1918610125_b14422464070_58de734ce3_bOnce we were done with this photo shoot we headed back over to the house.
14605859601_4734c6b02c_b14422458420_b4f2a6a36b_bWhile we were visiting we also got a chance to meet some more great people. This Juan and his “Kanjo”style hatch (hahaha, just kidding) sitting on a set of Regas. It’s going through some changes due to his last car being in an accident. So he swapped over any good body panels that could be saved from his coupe build.  I’m sure this will be just as clean if not better. 
14586088596_4c5dc0ffb0_bHere we have Jose’s hatch that I see a lot of potential in as well. Already sitting on aset of 16 inch TE37s.14422456950_41290b59d8_bLike I said…this build has potential to be something great. Expect us to be keeping an eye on both builds.
14608546352_69d156bcd2_bEveryone wanted to see how Carlos hatch would look with Jose’s TE37s. So of course we whipped out the jack and swapped over the wheels.14586086436_c3977c29c8_bCarlos knows how to stayclean.14586085286_8447856fb3_bThe car looked so good on the TE37s we even tried to convice him to rock them at the event the next day hahaha. Which didn’t happen as I quote him” I am a Die Hard Barramundi wheel owner”
14607058924_4130a00128_b14422520429_1ec982a1c6_bJose’s hatch rocking them flossy BMD wheels for a moment.14422520379_f0e15d471b_b14586083556_9556fe295b_bThis past weekend really opened up my eyes. All the hard work we do here at iStayclean are for moments like these. Moments when we meet people that we can call family. Simply because we see eye to eye on something we all enjoy and love. I would like to thank Carlos and his family for welcoming us to there home and making our weekend a memorable one. It was also awesome to meet Juan, Jose, Jon, and Miguel who all cheered us on when we were on the track racing our cars the next day. We can never forget the helping hand Carlos and Jon did for Rufino, trailering his car out of the event because of engine failure. If i’m forgetting someone I apologize.  OH, also shout out to the guy that let me borrow his pants to race since they wouldn’t let me race with shorts! That’s showing love to a fellow enthusiast. Stayclean everyone!

Beers & Tacos with everyone…

Here is a perfect example of what this scene should be like no matter what site you follow or work for, what crew you are with or how different your style may be. iStayclean.com staff, SquadronOne, Keep it Clean inc. , ONE life, Faction and the Courtesy Flush just to name a few, all together in one place celebrating ILDS 5 year anniversary. Every one came out, hung out and killed a bunch of tacos and beers as we all kicked back and just had a good day with friends and family..

On top of the good food and seeing people we haven’t seen in years, we decided to walk around and snap a few shots of what Tampa and surrounding cities have to offer this scene…

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