Eibach Orlando| 2018

To start off the 2018 Show/Meet season, we attended Eibach Orlando this past weekend. This year they held a 2 day event, the first being a car meet held at Universal Technical Institute in Orlando, Florida. Day 2 was a track event held in Starke, Florida at Florida International Rally & Motorsport park. Also known as the FIRM.  Let’s start off with Day 1 at the Eibach Meet. I love how the Eibach Meet brings out a sense of West coast feel to it here in the east coast, as in the selection of cars is not about quantity but about quality. The photos you’re about to see will display that quality very well I believe and you will notice the quality of execution of these builds are at a high standard. I hope you enjoy part 1 of this coverage and you can expect more later on this week.

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iStayclean | Manatee Tech |Back to where it started

 After a two year wait and a massive amount of people wanting an iStayclean meet. We finally got all our ducks in a row and gave the Central Florida area what they wanted. Sadly we had to cut 2017 short with only one event due to a hurricane passing through Florida the same day as out event. We took that loss and just rolled with the punches and took it back to where iStayclean was formed, Manatee Tech College.

XMP always bringing out nothing but fire.

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Summer Vibes | Ybor City | ILDS

  This past Sunday July the 9th ILDS and its staff invaded Ybor City with their 2017 Summer Vibes Event. In the 17 years I have been in this industry, attending events from coast to coast. Summer Vibes managed to climb to the top of my list of MUST ATTEND events. Everything about this event was a win to me, from set up to the end it was a great event.

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2017 Eibach East Coast Honda Meet | Orlando, FL. | U.T.I

 After 4 long months of anticipation, the wait is finally over. The famous SoCal Eibach meet that has brought Honda/Acura enthusiasts together for well over a decade has made it to Florida….

Quality builds like these made the meet an outstanding meet attend.
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Simply Clean 8

Simply Clean happened a few weekends ago and I’m just now posting this up. Better late than never right? This was my first year attending Simply Clean and it was just as I was told it was going to be. Fun and clean cars everywhere! I seriously had a blast that weekend. The event is held at a venue with a hotel on sight, so everyone was prettty much just partying the whole time cause they didn’t have to drive anywhere haha. If you have never gone to a Simply Clean event, then I highly recommend it. We will definitely be attending next years event. The day was your typical sunny Florida weather, with great cars added to the mix. I hope you guys enjoy the photos and make sure to follow us on instagram @iStayclean_  for more photos to be posted up from the Simply Coverage.

This Bmw M3 was the first to catch my attention. I was loving the color and the nice wheel fitmen of 3 piece OZ racing wheels.
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HondaFest : Orlando

Hey everyone! Running pretty late posting up this coverage and I still have plenty of other photos to still finish up editing for other coverage that was done recently as well. So expect to see more updates to the website and some new full features of cars coming soon as well.

HondaFest was their first time appearance here in Florida and they did a pretty good job in my opinion. The Owner David Medina isn’t too familiar with the area, so it took him some time to locate a good venue to host HondaFest. The weather was great, and so was the enviroment as well. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Which is a great sign for HondaFest.  We hope to see them revisit Florida next year.

Here we have Honda Accord with a VIP theme going through out the whole car.
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Coffee N’ Cars | Killeen, Texas | 4/24/2016

 Are you that true Enthusiast that likes anything and everything with wheels and a motor? If yes than Coffee N’ Cars is the meet to attend no matter where you live. Each and every one of these meets we have attended have always been a great turn out, very mature and very well put together.  Sadly I was not able to stay for the full event but managed to get pictures of a few cars that showed up.

BMW looking extra shinny for Coffee N’ Cars
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Import Alliance Spring Meet Atlanta 2016

Greetings Everyone! I’m Excited to finally do my first post of the year for the site. Being in the Midwest, my traveling slows down and i don’t have a lot of content to show you. Spring time is the beginning of the season for car events and for me the most anticipated is Import Alliance Spring Meet. It the first major event of the year and showcases some of the newest builds coming out. Every year it seems to continue to grow more. This year was no exception. More than 10,000 people showed up for this event. I think what makes the Import Alliance such a different event from the others is that its focus is more than just the cars. It’s about the culture. I’ve met so many great people over the years there and continued to make more friendships. I don’t think i can say that about every event. Don and the rest of the staff at IA do a wonderful job running the event and i thank them for all their hard work. I came into Atlanta on friday night and picked up a few friends at the airport and we headed to the hotel where the “core” IA guys were at. Every year we stay at the same place and you can say we have more than a good time haha… Hope you guys enjoy the coverage and can’t wait to bring you guys more throughout the year.

DSC_0037-Edit Golf on a set of 3SDM 0.08 wheels…
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AGN Motorsports Dyno Day/Meet | 11/15/2015 | Killeen,TX

   Another successful event on the books for us at iStayclean.com, this time along side AGN Motorsports, Estilos 2 Barber shop & L&D Graphics out of Killeen, TX. This was an event thrown together about a month ago and thanks to everyone from the AGN staff, participants & everyone else that showed up it ended up being a great first event for AGN and another for us at iStayclean.com

Huge thanks to Eric Tirado, owner of AGN for allowing us the opportunity of teaming up and letting us promote the event. Huge thanks to Danny Rios at L&D Graphics for the sponsorship, work on the staff shirts & helping all throughout the event. Same goes to Jesse Encarnacion over @ Estilos 2 Barber shop for teaming up and helping out. You guys give a new meaning to teamwork and it showed at this weekends event…

Lets get on with the pictures:

Alex Naranjo drove all the way from Houston to win 1st place in the 4 Cylinder N/A class in his K swapped Type R with a 217WHP/180TQ
HoustonITREverything was done on a DynoJet
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V2 Lab Mystery Meet 2015

A lot has been going on the last 2 months here at iStayclean. I recently made the move from Connecticut to Florida 3 months ago and have been settling in my new surrounding area for the time being. On behalf of iStayclean we would like to apologize for the lack of content lately. Rest assure that this is about to change and you will see more features and content being posted up.

Since I’ve never really experienced the car community in Florida other than doing our own event. I decided to attend V2 Lab’s Mystery Meet for the first time. Our friends at Skunk2/Grams Performance/Kraftwerks had their own Vending Booth at the event, so we decided to join them as well.

I attended the event with an open mindset not knowing what to expect. I had no clue the amount of people that were planning to attend V2 Lab’s Mystery Meet. When we arrived the entrance at about 5am there were cars lined up so far back that they flooded out onto the main road creating a crazy amount of traffic. Once we made it in, we all settled in and unloaded the SquadronOne cars that attended and parked them around the Skunk2/Grams Performance booth, we relaxed and caught up with some old friends and new ones.  Once the sun came out I decided to do my walk around and see what cars caught my eye that were present.

Here we have Matt Foxx of SquadronOne’s all motor K series hatch. Expect a full feature coming soon of this build and some back story about the man behind it as well.
Ceejay Mendez of SquadronOne just recently hit a new Personal best at the track running  a 9.5! Who said you a Racecar couldn’t look super clean as well?!
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