Mazda Rx7: 1 Car/ 2 styles

The Mazda Rx7 originated in Japan and in time made its way to America were today is one of the most iconic cars in the import scene. Its one of those vehicles that no matter what way or style you go with it, it seems to always turn heads. It’s just a very timeless design. When you have one in your possession, you will either stay true the factory body lines, or step out into the wild side of what an RX7 can be.  Here we have 2 owners, one that went the JGTC inspired route and one that is a little more subtle. The first owner Tobias didn’t want the average factory body lines. Instead he wanted to achieve the GT style for the exterior of the car. He went with a Re Amemiya GT 300 kit. Which gives it that JGTC inspired exterior he was looking for without a doubt.
While majority FD Rx7 go up for sale between $15-$30k. Tobias came up lucky and purchased his FD for a steal from his Professor! If you think this is the finished product you are fooling yourself. Tobias still has some major changes underway to get the car exactly how he envisions it in his mind. Consider this just a slight taste of what’s to come in the near future for this awesome build.
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Civic Sedan with an Attitude | Labib Said | Bradenton, FL

 I have been part of this automotive industry pushing on 17 years. I have seen and been part of numerous builds around the world but very few with this dedication. Labib Said, out of Bradenton, Florida envisioned his perfect car and without hesitating he made that vision a reality….

2007 Honda Sedan Converted to a CTR Sedan
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GFR Built |The Hidden Secret | Tampa, Florida

I’ll start out by saying some people out there don’t go out seeking attention. They just do something for the pure love of it. People who don’t have a specific goal to come out “killing the game”. Like some claim to do every year but still come up short. Matt Foxx built something for himself and no one else. Having owned a nicely done TSX and daily driving a clean Accord as well. Matt came across a clean Eg shell for sale. He soon sold his Tsx and became the new owner of the rolling chassis. Carefully choosing the color scheme and what was going to power the chassis, he ended up with an awesome 280whp All motor K series hatch. That not only put the power to the ground the proper way but also looked great doing it as well.
Matt is Founder/Owner of GFR aka Grandpa Foxx Racing. GFR has the ability and knowledge for Performance modification/ Wiring Diagnostics/Custom Engine Harness. Having started out wrenching with his Grandpa when he was a kid and him acting like an old man sometimes hahaha, you get the idea of where the name originates.
Matt Foxx is also an OG member of Squadron One. S1 has a long history in Florida and Matt Foxx is the brains and Tech behind majority of the cars in the S1 family today. From simple maintenance to getting a street Crx into the 9 second club. The man simply gets the job done and it’s pure honest work. Lets get to the awesome car he built now.

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Frost Civic | Chris Gabbard | Indiana

Social media has played a big part of connecting people in our community. Becoming friends with people over the internet and viewing their car builds online has become an entertainment in itself. It’s also shows who is dedicated to the community by traveling to distances to show support for events they enjoy. Chris Gabbard comes to mind, when I think of someone who I’ve been watching over social media building his car over the years.

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Battle Ready Evo IX| Rey Belleza | Texas

For a while now I have been on the hunt for legit, well put together cars in our small town of Killeen, TX. Finally after attending  a local car show I bumped into this 2006 Evo IX owned by Rey Belleza and just had to put it out as a feature for everyone else to see. At a glance you really can’t tell to much about it but once you get up close and personal and start looking around at parts and how everything was done then it is really a build to appreciate.

After a few months in contact with Rey, we finally agreed to snap a few shots of the car and let us go ahead with the feature. I personally wouldn’t have brought the car out due to the shitty weather but Rey is a tropper and still brought it out. Our first attempt was pretty harsh due to rain and temperatures in between 20* & 30* degrees, wind didn’t make it any better. We ended up getting a few shots and decided to call it a day and go for round 2 a few days later as long as the weather got better.

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Integra GSR with a MUGEN Touch | Clifton Nichols

A few weeks ago I was contacted by an old friend and fellow car enthusiast, Clifton Nichols. For years I have seen Cliff go from build to build and through about every chassis Honda and Acura has to offer with nothing but phenomenal outcomes. At this point I had already been told about the clean “Mugen” Integra in town but would have never thought it would belong to someone I personally knew.  Friday comes around and I am at the local meet when Clifton shows up and asks me to come check out his car. I can honestly say his builds keep getting better as they go and I was highly impressed at the simple yet effective route he took with what I consider to be a very legit never ending build.

Love that Mugen from lip

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Out of the Norm

A few months back I had contacted my good friend Chris. I told him I was looking to feature a new car but it had to be something different. Something out of the norm. He said he had exactly what I might be interested in featuring. It wasn’t a Honda or a Stanced out luxury VIP ride. What he had for me was a 1991 Toyota Celica Alltrac owned by John Clayton. John’s first car he took interest in modifying was a 1993 Toyota Camry LE. Which is another car that you don’t see people building.  While looking for a engine to swap into the Camry John stumbled upon the Celica Alltrac. Having instantly falling in love with it, he began to research everything he could about the chassis. John decided to sell the Camry and go on a hunt for his new project. Soon after John found one in Mission Viejo, CA.
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License and Registration | Evo |NJ

There are times when you meet new people and find the unexpected. When I first met Miguel Lugo, it was him driving quick into the driveway of a friend of mine with his police cruiser. For a slight moment I was thinking to myself “oh boy what the hell is about to happen” lol. Lucky he was just trying to give us a good scare.  In the car community majority of people think all law enforcement is nothing but full of assholes that want to pull over every modified car they see. Well that is certainly not the case, there are people who enforce the law that are just as big as car junkies as us. Detective Lugo is just as much as a car enthusiast as the next guy, just so happens his job is more serious than others. When he isn’t out protecting civilians. He is riding around in this awesomely done 2005 Evolution.14817341037_9cf383bc4f_b 14817256268_bb2b06e0b2_b Continue reading

Mythical Type R | Connecticut

Honda Enthusiasts have talked about this myth one time or another.  A myth of “an old gentleman that is into Hondas and has kept a USDM Acura Type R garage kept and barely driven since he bought it from the dealer.” Not to mention has added some mugen parts to the car since day one.” One hell of a myth right? Well it isn’t a myth at all, it’s a real story. A story I didn’t believe at first when my good friend Joel told me why he decided to sell his Type R he had already.  Which was a USDM Type R but had a JDM front end, which he didn’t like and we both agreed that it devalued the car. Plan was to convert it back to USDM front end once again, but he had something better in mind. He knew of an older gentleman that had exactly what he wanted but even better. It only had 15,000 miles and has been garage kept majority of its life. It’s the myth that some talk about and some can only dream of finding.

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177CC of Rucking Madness | Ceejay Mendez | Tampa, FL.

Building a nice toy is nothing new to Ceejay Mendez, owner of this 2011 Honda ruckus and the famous 500+ K-boosted Honda Cr-x he owns. What would normally take a person years to build only took Ceejay 5 months with the help of good friends and a few OGs in the ruckus scene. This bad boy went from a stock 2011 Ruckus to the sick ruckus you see before you.

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