2017 Eibach East Coast Honda Meet | Orlando, FL. | U.T.I

 After 4 long months of anticipation, the wait is finally over. The famous SoCal Eibach meet that has brought Honda/Acura enthusiasts together for well over a decade has made it to Florida….

Quality builds like these made the meet an outstanding meet attend.

Eibach pretty much hit a home run with this event and how it was handled. Nothing but respect to Ryan Hoegner, Eibach & everyone involved for a great job and bringing another legit meet out our way. Meet brought out what I would consider to be the best cars in Florida and a few others from out of state. On top of that they also brought out a few people a lot in the Honda world follow and respect.

Albert Marty came out with his Amazing Hatch Build & representing Action Clutch.
Frank @ DownStar also came out.

Adam & Danyelle Holt brought out their beautiful J’s Racing Fitted Honda Fit & Type R.
Make sure to hit them up for ALL J’s Racing Parts.

One thing I like about them is when they come out, they bring friends with them. Very impressive arsenal with this line up at the J’s Racing booth.

CeeJay Mendez K-swapped Monster of a CRX, impressive and in a league of its own. This car only continues to get better as he works its way in to the 8s.

Matthew Fox aka Grampa Foxx with his K20 Boosted Beast

Matt Hamilton & his Phenomenal HKS Supercharged S2000

Jeremie Echelon in his Amazing Track Ready Hatch.

A favorite for many of us was the Rocket Bunny EG. Sadly I wasn’t able to get an engine bay shot but considering its an ALL VERSION MOTORING build, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t disappoint.

A Vehicle this meet didn’t lack at all were the s2000s. More than a dozen showed up and all very respectable and well put together in their own unique ways.

Tae Min Chang’s Vortech Charged S2k, this bad boy has a Sorcery Front bumper, Spoon Fenders, J’s Racing hood, followed by a list of nothing but top notch parts. Those Volk TE37s really do call my attention on this s2k.

I really meant it when I said that this meet lacked no S2Ks.

I personally like the way it looks in a simple color such as white.

Boosted S2k looking just as good as the rest.
What about when you throw some American love into the mix? Approve?

Considering the meet was in Orlando, you would think EJ/EG hatches would be the dominant Honda you would see at this meet. Surprisingly Eibach some how managed to get all Integra owners, specially Type R owner to bring their gems out. Most of them K-swapped or Boosted in one way or another.

Mugen Themed and both sitting on Mugen MF10s, a timeless wheel in my opinion.

JDM or USDM | K swap or B Series

WireWorx had a nice, pretty little gem at their booth.
Gear Driven Inc. also with a nice Integra

Meet brought a little bit of everything out. I call these the ones that think outside the box and take it to the unexpected.

Aired Out Odyssey

Also this K-swapped/Boosted old school Odyssey

More than enough quality cars showed up and showed out. Here are a few of my favorite EG/EJ hatches to catch my attention.


Attention to detail is a big plus when it comes to these builds. By popular demand, Mike Schietroma, RCsGarage K24 Boosted EM1 took the cake when it comes to attention to detail.

This RSX owned by David Whitehead is immaculate in and out. Not only does it look good at a show, it also throws down at the track.

Few NSXs managed to make an appearance.


Keeping everyone nice and cool, Jay over at Go Go Penguin Shack. What ever event you attend, make sure to go show Jay and his people some love.
All in all this meet was great and the quality of cars that attended were A+.  Hope these photos give those of you that couldn’t attend a small glimpse of what Eibach and its staff brought out and what’s to be expected at their events…

Build for you and your standards and remember to keep it clean..
– Staff –

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