Fresh Meet | Spring Bash | 2015

Here is our Fresh Meet coverage we captured.  The Fresh Meet events are my favorites. It’s always at nicely done venues and nicely put together. It always has this family and friends type of vibe to it. The amount of awesome cars that show up are the main reason I will always attend a Fresh Meet Event. Lets get to these awesome photos captured by NYC iStayclean Rep ED Photos and myself.

IMG_8175Here I managed to take some rolling shots of my good friends Tom (Red civic) and Chris(White Civic sedan).IMG_8183-2Chris’s 4dr civic is absolutely my favorite civic 4dr build by far.

IMG_8187IMG_8189hg-2Once we arrived I took the opportunity to walk around before everyone arrived. This super clean S2000 was placed in the perfect location in my opinion.
IMG_8191-Edit-Edit IMG_8194IMG_8196 IMG_8247-2 IMG_825117166415587_b77c522793_b Some builds are so awesome you just don’t want to get out of the car. 17227493758_b199e8f142_b This Supra had everyone’s attention when it rolled into the venue. White and mag blue TEs is a timeless combo.17295978255_054fb59cf4_b 17325544882_8c2912a2f4_b 17373633851_1268b92b6a_b 16792429664_e92f8c33ce_b Some Japanese Automotive Legends.17415413685_e96e1d480a_b 17268478326_0eb5a706d2_bThank you for stopping by and checking out our Fresh Meet Spring Bash Coverage! Coming up later this week is coverage from Eibach Honda Meet! Stay clean everyone! -Gonzo

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