Frost Civic | Chris Gabbard | Indiana

Social media has played a big part of connecting people in our community. Becoming friends with people over the internet and viewing their car builds online has become an entertainment in itself. It’s also shows who is dedicated to the community by traveling to distances to show support for events they enjoy. Chris Gabbard comes to mind, when I think of someone who I’ve been watching over social media building his car over the years.

DSC_0756When Chris was looking for something to build, what he wanted was something he could enjoy driving. The EG chassis was the platform he found to be his favorite. So the build began in July of 2007. He traded a 91 Acura Integra with a B16 for what he really wished to build.  The car was daily driven for 2 years until he really started to tackle the build full force. The infamous quarter panel rust started to surface soon after. It only provided another reason to go full force and clean up the car itself with a frest coat of paint.

DSC_0779This build has been going on for 8 years and he is still progressing to achieve what in his eyes is perfection. Which is something many of the young generation need to learn. Unless you are surrounded with tons of cash laying around, you can’t build that dream car over night. It takes time and dedication.

DSC_0758Building a car now can also lead one to building new friendships along the way. Chris Gabbard has done just that while building his 1993 Honda Civic Dx.  Going on road trips to various events and catching the eye of other enthusiasts with his own rolling piece of art created new friendship in various different states.


Jdm Gsr 1.8 DOHC VTEC
GO-AUTOWORKS 3″ Short ram
No name intake manifold
Hytech header
Buddy Club spec 2 catback
Endyn belt tensioner

Stock confetti Si seats
FLP shifter
Type R shift boot
Personal 350mm steering wheel
Omni power tach
Benen clear ecu cover
Em Racing Z bar
Alpine cd player pushin out the tunes (gotta have those)

Frost white paint
Carbon hood (painted)
Function Form type 1s
Carbon mirrors
Bys carbon wing
First molding carbon lip (replica)
Echelon brake ducts
Beaks lower tie bar
949 Racing matte black 6uls 15×7 36mm offset 5mm up front
205/50/15 Falken Azenis

DSC_0752Remember to enjoy the process of building your dream car. Make new friends along the way and learn about yourself as well. The experience can be life changing in many ways. Oh and of course always remember to STAY CLEAN!

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  1. what is the offset of these wheels?

  2. 15×7 36mm offset 5mm up front

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