iStayclean’s Introduction to Florida

Some may not know this but technically this isn’t the first time iStayclean has done an event in the Tampa area. For the ones that have been around for a while now, you may recall the events that were also done at this same location. Well the founder of iStayclean (Merv Hernandez) is also the founder of the past events. Now under a different name with a bigger agenda, we wanted to bring it back to where it originally started. iStayclean might be a new name to the scene, but the people involved are veterans and know exactly how to get things done. We had to bring back that classic meet that involved hanging out with fellow enthusiasts that share the same love for the scene and an awesome cookout for everyone that attended. We are very happy with the turn out and how smooth everything went. We hope everyone had a great time attending cause we had a great time putting this meet together for everyone. Since it went so well, you can expect another iStayclean event happening again some time in the near future.  Now let’s get to the coverage!

This was early in the am on our way to Philippe Park to get everything organized and ready. So I took the opportunity to capture this rolling shot of (S1 member) Carlos’s awesome lancer build. He had just finished his custom splitter and I must say it is a great addition. 
14478068609_afccc2c645_bS1 Member Ceejay brought out a new S1 Car. This one is something special and will have a very special feature coming soon.
14477962337_8187465125_b14477775619_48a5e1b003_bPossibly my favorite Team Sunworks build.
14664417995_aa05795c27_bShout out to the awesome guys from Courtesy Flush for attending and supporting the meet with some awesome donations for the raffle we had going on.14477940589_1d249eb846_bGodzilla showed up looking great on a set of Work Meister S1 wheels. Possibly the best wheels to choose for a R32.
14662119654_567bf7f79f_b14664051692_c7acf754d3_bCheck out the lil man’s mean mug face haha. These kids were riding around in style for sure! 14664229512_2cdf08e221_b14664224592_ed2339679f_b14664605795_e3dc07335a_bPossibly the most anticipated build to see come out was (S1 Member) Jaime’s monster K turbo build.14684279393_f6ca78501a_bReady for war setup.14664068782_4972d11794_b14641434946_44d5103e82_bThe saying “less is more” is very fitting for this Bmw. 14478401428_286474e19c_b14477801788_5c869367a8_bS2000 looking great on a set of Work Emotions wrapped in a meaty tire.
14477772159_3cdfd60a9b_b(S1 Member) Alan just finished his build not too long ago and I must say it looks even better in person. The color is from a Porsche GT3 RS and it looks awesome.14477744319_2c05e54070_b14477732130_3e65b96f1f_bG35 sedan showing off it’s diamond under the hood. Love the polished themed the owner went with, everything on this build flows very well.14477780638_fed09825b8_b14477755519_32e01bb6c6_b14477736770_413b33b5e7_b14664234552_64435aa67a_b14477706800_b3ded65e4f_bSquadron One is the family behind the iStayclean staff. So it’s only natural we all have that iStayclean standard.14664021622_3312dbc575_bI loved the mix of cars that showed up as well. We had everything from your everyday Hondas to this gorgeous Porsche that attended. There was also an awesome Corvette Stingray that also attended but missed my opportunity to capture a photo of it, always next time!14661192801_071f9010d3_bThe guys from Faction know how to stay clean as well. 14662134854_d52fb574b0_b14684303003_20903ebf4a_b14684304253_92993def17_bOf course we had some awesome Ruckus builds rolling around the meet. Shout out to Kevin at the Ruck Shop that also supported us and gave donations to the raffle!
14477753448_21ab15a592_b14684308243_53233de12c_b(S1 Member) Alex’s Accord that he AutoXs religiously!  He puts that F20b to work!14641604846_b90e57c8f2_b

Frs on a set of newly released Enkei RS05RRs. Perfect wheel choice in my opinion.14641393506_da7852bca5_bMidori hatch came in rolling on brand new rubber wrapped around a set of CCWS. As you can see in the photo it still has the tire sticker on it haha. He knows how to stay clean!14477703220_7f614bfb09_b14477749908_88cbbc2846_b(S1 Member) Matt’s K24 civic looking perfect as usual on a set of 949 racing wheels.14477748660_1b755ac732_bI was glad to see the owner move his car over to the front lot for better viewing pleasure. The Enkei NT03s look amazing on the newer Civic Si.14661171021_e5e48be164_b14477710290_12d16ab553_b14661161761_7de7466b2f_bI couldn’t help but capture another photo. It just looks too perfect haha.14641397336_13ec11e510_b14661166011_c9ec438f68_b14664030342_67fe9d286b_bWe would like to give a huge thanks to all our Supporters!
Donkey Power Injection
Courtesy Flush
The Ruck Shop
Fresh Intent
Team One Life
Props to Big John from Big John’s Munchii Kart for cooking and bringing out the delicious Empanadas!

A special thank you to our family of Squadron One.  We thank you for all the help you gave us through out the day and for our future adventures! Stay clean everyone!

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  1. Legit meet, great people, organized and the park was amazing. We will attend all meets or events you guys put out in the future.

    Merv, you sir did an amazing job along side the great staff that helped.

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