Simply Clean 8

Simply Clean happened a few weekends ago and I’m just now posting this up. Better late than never right? This was my first year attending Simply Clean and it was just as I was told it was going to be. Fun and clean cars everywhere! I seriously had a blast that weekend. The event is held at a venue with a hotel on sight, so everyone was prettty much just partying the whole time cause they didn’t have to drive anywhere haha. If you have never gone to a Simply Clean event, then I highly recommend it. We will definitely be attending next years event. The day was your typical sunny Florida weather, with great cars added to the mix. I hope you guys enjoy the photos and make sure to follow us on instagram @iStayclean_  for more photos to be posted up from the Simply Coverage.

This Bmw M3 was the first to catch my attention. I was loving the color and the nice wheel fitmen of 3 piece OZ racing wheels.
_mg_1340-edit The WireWorx civic was out showcasing how clean they can get your bay looking with one of their harnesses.  Pretty interesting to see a street car with the K series Tilt mounts, which are usually used in drag cars._mg_1355 What isn’t there to like about an oldschool VW with a clean set of BBS wheels._mg_1353

_mg_1362 _mg_1363 _mg_1365 _mg_1368 The Airlift Performance booth had an awesome selection of cars to showcase.
_mg_1372 If you know me personally, then you know I have a thing for Porsche._mg_1379-edit _mg_1382 _mg_1414Alberty Marty’s orange Civic, looking clean as always.
_mg_1430 The purple duo at the SlammedEnuff booth had peoples attention for sure._mg_1433 I’ve seen a few Silvias in Florida but this is the first red one I’ve seen. Seeing Silvias, GTRs and pretty much anything RHD coming from Japan is pretty normal down here in Florida.
_mg_1436_mg_1446Like I previously said…It’s pretty normal haha. A few years back this was everything but normal.  Really loved this white GT-st sedan on Enkei Nt03s._mg_1461_mg_1484I believe there is only 3 Nissan Cedrics here in the US. This white Cedric was a head turner for sure. I’m pretty sure a good majority of people didn’t even know what they were looking at, since it’s definitely not one of the popular imported cars.
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