Slammed Society | Fatlace Showcase @ Formula Drift Round 6

 This past weekend I decided to head out to the Formula Drift event out in Fort Worth, Texas to see what this event was all about. I have been to plenty of local, small drift events but never to an event of this caliber put out by the Formula Drift staff. 

 When my soul mate and I arrived at the Texas Motor Speed way, the event was already an hour into drifting, Vendors selling products and the showcase cars looking clean and better than ever. Everywhere you turned their were cameras, camcorders, different web site personal getting coverage and let’s not forget all the spectators running around trying to get autographs, used tires and just the change to catch a glimpse and possibly a quick chat with their favorite drivers.

 Due to the massive crowed I was not really able to cover the drift event how I would have liked to. Snapping shots from the bleachers was pretty much impossible due to how packed it was. All drivers performed amazingly and yes Michael Essa took round 6 but the one that stood out to me was Dai Yoshihara. The man put up a show against Matt Powers & Kenneth Moen that had the crowed on their toes and loving it..

 Congrats to Michael Essa for the win & the Formula Drift staff for an amazing round 6 here @ the Texas Motor speed way…

On to the coverage 🙂

This bad boy was parking lot pimping away from the showcase. Thought it was worthy so snapped a few shots to show you guys..

Loved the wheel set up..

As I was walking into the showcase, this was the first car to welcome you.

I was trying to get pictures of every car in there so took one shot, kept walking and on the way out took these remaining shots of it with the sun beaming on it as if the heavens above was sending me a sign… 😛

Didn’t know what to make of this 350z but one thing is for sure and that’s that I likes it..

Sex on wheels! Enough said…

Top Gear UK names this the worse car to be put out by Lexus.. Well Top Gear, Kick Rocks! We dig it..

Simple Bimmer looking nice.

Infinity Q45 putting in some work..

350Z sitting proper on Volks.

MF-10s looking purrrrty

370Z from Louisiana sat accordingly 🙂

These FRS made my day, the flow, how it sat, the build in general was pretty much neck braking.

Being a Mazda Tech I really do not like the Miata but this car was eye candy for sure.

Little ruckus action @ as well.

Then there was this ride, Fiat 500 on bags.

Loved the color on the CCWs

Sedan on Works

This was nothing close to “CLEAN” but the battle scars speak for itself. s2k swap and sitting on work equips gains this tank crazy respect from the iStayclean fam.


OH! Its going to happen… got the piggy bank to prove it 😛

Like a BOSS! Trailer and all…

Sitting proper on Work Wheels..

Holly Stance, Batman…

The ultimate sedans

Dude was straight chillin in the A/C and I don’t blame him. ITS WAS HOT AS F*CK!

Lunch box on wheels! iStayclean Aprroved!

Yet another 240! Wonder whats under the hood? HHHmmmm

We like it…

Got Bags?

Then I bumped into something I wasn’t expecting, Choppies on this this boosted scion Tc..

I personally do not like the Subaru but this guy executed this build flawlessly IMO.


and yet another Ruckus

A bigger lunch box, Scion Xb… iStayclean Approved!


Pontiac sitting PROOOOOOPER..

350z ON DECK..

and what everyone was battling it out for

Here are the only 2 shots I could get from the Drift event. Crowed was insane and the bleachers made it impossible to get any good shots without hitting or bumping into someone.

Your round 6 winner, Michael Essa.

The BEAST, Dai Yoshihara…

Ladies and Gents, that’s my event coverage. Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed getting it for you all. Remember, Be kind and share our site 🙂

– Merv

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