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  This past Sunday July the 9th ILDS and its staff invaded Ybor City with their 2017 Summer Vibes Event. In the 17 years I have been in this industry, attending events from coast to coast. Summer Vibes managed to climb to the top of my list of MUST ATTEND events. Everything about this event was a win to me, from set up to the end it was a great event.

No stories needed, event was amazing and pretty much all the hitters, Teams, Brands in Florida came out to show love. Ravi @ V2lab, Eric @ Courtesy Flush, Joseph @ Daily Driven, that’s just a few. 98% of the cars in attendance were on point and some I would have to say even unique…

MBR showed up sporting some luxury 

ILDS | Faction

Stanced Volkswagon EVERYWHERE.

This Accord was flawless in and out & sounded amazing…

Bimmer isn’t our cup of tea but very photogenic.. Something about red on white that calls my attention on any car.

Benz sitting on some Super Star Leon Hardiritt Ordens’ in a Silver Polish Finish.

REM Motorsports was out there.

Highway Star Garage setup with a beautiful Audi & Subaru by its side.

Was feeling these Benz & Porsche that came out.

Where my Honda/Acura people at? Make sure to go give our sister brand a like @ Honda Coalition, big things to come on that side.

Supra look fast just sitting there, love the color..

Few shots from Team Outcast

The amount of people getting media was crazy, lets not even talk about how many cameras we seen on hands.

This guy was the smartest in the whole event, wish I had one…

The 2JZ powered Saturn & Mini cooper stuck out like 2 sore thumbs.

BRZ looking real clean.

Its crazy to see how many people cut & sell decals at events now. Props to Vinyl Sickness for the amazing setup and how they ran the booth..

This was new to me, unique in my opinion. I had never seen a ford used as a platform and specially like this.

V.I.P Hyundai

Ever seen a BMW Powered Mini Truck?

Hard work and dedication, you an see it just by being in its presence. Everything was flawless on this Mini Truck, from paint to suspension..

There were nice cars EVERYWHERE, all makes and models.

CTR in its stock form, can’t wait to see what people start doing with them.

Love the way it looks, how it sits and everything about this bad boy..

Team NvuS sitting off in the cut..

The one place people tend to ignore is Spectators parking and areas around it.  Found Ravi from v2Lab catching a little bit of A/C before he rolled out. Bimmer is looking nice considering he threw them wheels on last minute for Svibes.

Riding by I got a few shots of this Super Sexy R32 Skyline Sedan. This body style is really growing on me the more I see it, every flows nicely on it.

Hope you all enjoyed this 1st set of photos, more to come in a week or so.  Huge thanks to the ILDS crew for doing what they do and making a difference in the community. Got to give props when and where its due, props to you guys..

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