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Our goal from the beginning has always been to educate the car community. Specifically the younger and up coming generation. The ones always being mislead by people who have zero experience or any credentials on what they are giving advice about on certain topics. So we are starting a new segment for our blog posts. We will try and have one interview a month with either a company or a well known individual in the industry. Exposing nothing but the cold hard truth and facts! No longer will you have to assume anything anymore!


We are holding this interview with none other then Johnny “C” Cichowski. Here is a little bit about the man and why we thought he would be a perfect candidate for this interview.

Johnny has 9 years of Motorsports customer service, has been a racer from the age of 7 and a race fan and enthusiast his entire life. Team captain for Nine Lives Racing, Car builder & respectfully a U.S Army Veteran. He is currently the South East field Representative for OG racing and probably one of the best people to talk safety with.

Notable Track Accomplishments:
2103 Holley LS Fest Auto-X Shootout Champion
WCMC Auto-x Champion 2010-2012
(20) 1st place WCMC Auto-X Wins.

Now that you know a little bit more about who Johnny is , lets see what he had to say from the small interview we had with him.

iStayclean: Johnny, who is OG Racing?

Johnny C: We are the worlds largest Sparco retailer! We sell more Sparco products than sparco themselves. We sell all things that make the racecar driver safe. Everything from full race suits, helmets, and shoes. So be sure to visit!

iStayclean: What’s your view on race car parts in street cars (roll cages, harness bars)?

Johnny C: It’s cool that street cars want to be safe, but it’s important to know what’s considered a safe roll cage and what isn’t. Cusco roll cages are what you tend to hear from others and that is pretty much a show cage, the amount of bends they consist of isn’t safe and creates an effect call a mouse trap.

iStayclean: What should the builder look for when choosing a roll cage?

Johnny C: Visit the Nasa/Scca Guidlines on Roll cages which can be found here (Nasa Guidlines/SCCA rulebook)

iStayclean: What’s your thoughts on the Recaro PP seat that is no longer track legal?

Johnny C: I’m actually impressed they came out to the public and admitted their fault in their product. Some companies will just brush it under the carpet and keep selling a faulty product. So I applaud them on doing the right thing for the community.

iStayclean: What do you recommend on wearing during a track event for a beginner?

Johnny C: Track suit. Why not invest in keeping yourself safe when traveling at high speeds. (Click the link to figure out what race suit is best for you. 5-things-to-consider-before-buying-a-driving-suit)

iStayclean: What do you think of the “Stance” trend that you see with the current car generation?

Johnny C: I actually owned a 500hp LS1 stanced out miata. Hahaha

iStayclean: What are the essentials to bring to a track event?

Johnny C: BRAKE PADS!!!! I can’t express how important it is to bring an extra set of brake pads. I’m not talking about autozone brake pads either, simply because under the intensity of racing on a track they can actually burst into flames. The reason for this is because of the material applied to the pad to keep it quiet for everyday driving. So be sure to purchase a set of race pads instead to keep from bursting into flames when out racing and trying to enjoy your day.

Well there you have it, safety from someone that knows what he is talking about. We at would like to thank Johnny for his time and knowledge. We really appreciate the chance and time given in order to make this small interview happen.

This is what we learned from this brief  interview, hopefully some of you learned something as well. There are people in the industry that are willing to help the enthusiast understand the ins and outs of what is safe and what isn’t safe. People who have years of experience and not just go by what they think they know. People who have the proper credentials to actually give out advice and lead you in the correct direction. This is just the start of many great and educational views from people in the industry that have years of experience. We are here to help you get the proper knowledge on what you need to know no matter what the subject may be. More to come so be sure to check in here at! Remember to stay clean friends!

– Hector

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