2017 Eibach East Coast Honda Meet | Orlando, FL. | U.T.I

After 4 long months of anticipation, the wait is finally over. The famous SoCal Eibach meet that has brought Honda/Acura enthusiasts together for well over a decade has made it to Florida….

Simply Clean 8

Simply Clean happened a few weekends ago and I’m just now posting this up. Better late than never right? This was my first year attending Simply Clean and it was just as I was told it was going to be. Fun and clean cars everywhere!

Fresh Meet | Spring Bash | 2015

his is late post of the Fresh Meet coverage we captured for sure. The last few weeks have been pretty busy,with my trip California this past weekend for the Eibach Honda Meet. Preparing things for our iStayclean Summer Meet in July, now I can finally get to some coverage that I had put away for some time. The Fresh Meet events are my favorites...

iStayclean’s Introduction to Florida

Some may not know this but technically this isn’t the first time iStayclean has done an event in the Tampa area. For the ones that have been around for a while now, you may recall the JdmDreams.net events that were also done at this same location. Well the founder of iStayclean (Merv Hernandez) is also the founder of the past JdmDreams.net events...

Battle Ready Evo IX| Rey Belleza | Texas

For a while now I have been on the hunt for legit, well put together cars in our small town of Killeen, TX. Finally after attending a local car show I bumped into this Evo IX owner by Rey Belleza and just had to put it out as a feature for everyone else to see. At a glance you really can’t tell the much about it but once you get up close and personal and start looking around at parts and how everything was done then it is really a build to appreciate.


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The Race Pit: OG Racing

The Race Pit: OG Racing

Our goal from the beginning has always been to educate the car community. Specifically the younger and up coming generation. The ones always being mislead by people who have zero experience or any
Frost Civic | Chris Gabbard | Indiana

Frost Civic | Chris Gabbard | Indiana

Social media has played a big part of connecting people in our community. Becoming friends with people over the internet and viewing their car builds online has become an entertainment in itself...
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