MFEST @ The Oasis on Lake Travis | Austin, Texas | 3.15.15

Missed out on the MFEST @ the OASIS meet this last weekend? Don't worry, we got you.. :)

The Chronicles | Year Six |Part 1

The Chronicles, aka “Stickydiljoe”, is very well known within the Honda Community. Every year, Joey Lee (the man behind The Chronicles), holds a small meet at the Eibach facility that is big on quality, not quantity...

Integra GSR with a MUGEN Touch | Clifton Nichols

A few weeks ago I was contacted by an old friend and fellow car enthusiast, Cliff Nichols. For years I have seen Cliff go from build to build and through about every chassis Honda and Acura has to offer with nothing but phenomenal outcomes. At this point I had already been told about the clean “Mugen” Integra in town but would have never thought it would belong to someone I personally knew.

iStayclean’s Introduction to Florida

Some may not know this but technically this isn’t the first time iStayclean has done an event in the Tampa area. For the ones that have been around for a while now, you may recall the events that were also done at this same location. Well the founder of iStayclean (Merv Hernandez) is also the founder of the past events...

Battle Ready Evo IX| Rey Belleza | Texas

For a while now I have been on the hunt for legit, well put together cars in our small town of Killeen, TX. Finally after attending a local car show I bumped into this Evo IX owner by Rey Belleza and just had to put it out as a feature for everyone else to see. At a glance you really can’t tell the much about it but once you get up close and personal and start looking around at parts and how everything was done then it is really a build to appreciate.

License and Registration | Evo | NJ

There are times when you meet new people and find the unexpected. When I first met Miguel Lugo, it was him driving quickly into the driveway of a friend of mine with his police cruiser...

The Spot

In the car community no matter where you live, there is always “The Spot”. “The Spot” is where all car enthusiasts come together to either hang out and talk cars or to get ready for a roll out to a major car event. When it comes to Fort Hood/Killen, Texas. “The Spot” was a car wash on the corner of Rancier and Patton...

177CC of Rucking Madness | Ceejay Mendez | Tampa, FL.

Building a nice toy is nothing new to Ceejay Mendez, owner of this 2011 Honda ruckus and the famous 500+ K-boosted Honda Cr-x he owns. What would normally take a person years to build only took Ceejay 5 months with the help of good friends and a few OGs in the ruckus scene...
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